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Red Angus Heifers – Wyatt Banks


I like the Red Angus Heifers 1423


In my initial decision I opted for the broody, maternal build and genuine cow power that the 1 heifer brings to the table. Her width at the ground translates to her bold center body, working the most arch and curvature to her rib cage, as well as dropping the deepest most productive flank. But as I step behind her is where she truly makes her stand, being the widest from hooks to pins.  

Make no mistake, the darker headed and switched heifer has sure got some unique pieces that catch your eye from the profile. That's the biggest boned and more importantly footed option, who ties a sleeker neck higher out the topside of her shoulder.

However, she works herself into second once asked to lead, being the straighter, rounder shouldered heifer that wants to fight the halter, which I think is a direct product of needing more flex to her hock and rear pastern. 

Sorting her into my intermediate discussion, where despite these criticisms, I prefer her look and balance from the side over 2. To keep it brief; I believe if you take her added extension and bone work and protect it with a better bodied, freer moving bull she should offer more generating potential. 

Sure, the 2 heifer is more angular up front, and while not attractive in the build to her hip and hind leg, she's the more comfortable heifer that works more give at the ground.

In the same breath, she's the narrowest, flattest bodied and hipped heifer that needs more width all the way through. 

Bringing me to a contrasting final pair of females, where I still read the 2 heifer as the more practical individual whose deeper and softer center body should require less inputs while in production. 

There's no doubt that the stouter featured 3 heifer is bolder ribbed and bigger topped.

Quite frankly, it doesn't compensate for the fact that the short necked heifer is the tightest about her heart and flank, being the harshest made female, that regardless of showman is the plainest in her look. 


Thank You