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Southdown Ewes Logan Mattingly

I like the Southdown ewes 2-1-3-4

Now for me, there is a ewe who leads the way in terms of what we should expect from future breeding females. That is the slick shorn, wool picked ewe to win. She is the boldest in her forerib and this blends back into a deeper, more productive flank. In addition, from the profile view the ewe with the best Southdown breed character is the best balanced option who stays the neatest about her head and neck carriage, giving her an attractive silhouette. And as an added bonus, when I step in behind her she has the most natural width.

I admit that the ewe who comes next is the long hipped, growthy appearing option.

But unfortunately, she simply can’t compete with the overall look of quality and balance that is found in our impressive class winner. 

Still, it becomes quite apparent that she is still a maternally oriented ewe who spreads more mass over a bolder rib.

Sure, 3 stands taller at her shoulder making her larger outlined.

But the light muzzled female is the plain-featured ewe who stands narrow at the ground and rounds out of her hip on the move. 

However, it is in my final discussion of ewes that I say that they must have growth and performance without sacrificing rib and dimension. That is the argument that sorts 3 over 4.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are looking for a weather maker look no further than 4. She is a powerfully constructed ewe who could produce future progeny that contain a highly sought-after show ring look.

But quite frankly sir, the shortest bodied sheep is lowest preforming with a questionable rear leg structure. 


Thank You