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Wether Dams Chevy Vaske

I like the Wether Dams 3-2-1-4


I quickly find a combination ewe who is the stoutest featured while still being bold ribbed and flexible, so I’d expect her to produce competitive show wethers. Sure, in terms of femininity, the long bodied ewe most closely follows my winner. But, she wants to drive up in her spine and needs to better handle her hip and hind leg.


Even so, in my intermediate decision I’m quick to say I prefer the fresher option who carries more natural shape through her leg and width from behind. I’ll admit, 1 offers mass and may be more level in her top. However, she’s deeper chested and doesn’t offer enough look from the profile as she’s plainer featured.


In my final comparison, I am most comfortable using the wider pinned heavier muscled option found in 1. Certainly, 4 is more comfortable and correct in her movement but quite honestly, it’s unfortunate she reads the flattest in her body type and the narrowest made.


Thank You.