The new swine research center is located about 12 miles west of Lexington.  Headquarters-Gestation-Farrowing Unit

  • Three site production (Headquarters-Gestation-Farrowing Unit, Nursery Unit, Grow-Finish Unit)

  • Size: 120 sows (24 farrowings every 4-5 weeks), 250 litters/year, 3-week weaning

  • Breeding: Rotational crossbred; Yorkshire-Landrace F1, x terminal male

  • Finish out about 1/2 of pigs


Swine Headquarters, Breeding - Gestation - Farrowing Buildings

Swine Headquarter

Headquarters Building

General purpose room.
Employee break room.
Field labs, wet and dry.
Dressing rooms, lockers, showers.
Chemical storage.

Breeding-Gestation Building

Breeding-Gestation Building Breeding-Gestation Building  Breeding-Gestation Building Breeding-Gestation Building

  • Pens for transition gilts.
  • Boars for estrus stimulation.
  • Boars for heat checking.
  • Breeding area.
  • Active gilt pool.
  • Weaned sows in individual stalls.
  • Breeding pens.
  • Boars for heat checking.
  • Gestation area.
  • Bred gilts and sows in individual stalls.
  • Feed storage and scales.

Farrowing Building

Farrowing BuildingFarrowing Building   Farrowing Building Farrowing Building   

Farrowing Building

  • Sow wash-up area.
  • 3 farrowing rooms with 12 crates/room.
  • Feed storage and scales.

Nursery Building

Nursery Building   Nursery Building   Nursery Building

  • 4 nursery rooms with 32 pens (4 x 4 ft)/room.
  • Feed storage and portable scales.

Grow-Finish Building

Grow-Finish Building   Grow-Finish Building   Grow-Finish Building  Grow-Finish Building

  • 3 conventional rooms with 24 pens (6 x 10 ft)/room.
  • 1 room with 72 individual pens (2 x 8 ft)/room for finishing pig studies.
  • 1 rooms with 48 individual pens (2 x 5 ft)/room for growing pig studies.
  • Feed storage and scales.

Boar Stud

Boar Stud.

  • Temperature controlled (air conditioned) building.
  • Pens for herd boars.
  • Semen collection and processing area.

General Purpose Building

  • Shop.
  • Equipment storage and shelter.
  • Equipment clean-up area.
  • Walk-in cooler for dead animals, afterbirth disposal.

Waste Handling

Waste Handling   Waste Handling   Waste Handling

  • Above ground storage of manure
  • Pumped underground to field storage.
  • Injected into cropland.