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Merlin Lindemann

Merlin Lindemann

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Merlin Lindemann


Instruction Research Faculty
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Professional Biography

Major Instructional Responsbilities

Teach the undergraduate Principles of Animal Nutrition course.

Major Research Interests

Dietary modifications of nitrogen and phosphorous related to performance and waste management.

Determination of the feeding value of new byproduct feeds.

Evaluations of trace minerals for swine (including source and level, as well as novel minerals).

Assessment of responses to organic chromium supplementation during growth and reproduction in multiple species.

Determination of the effects of omega-6/omega-3 fatty acid ratio on reproductive and immunological responses in swine.

Effects of management/equipment on performance of swine.

    Professional Positions

    2001 - present; Professor of Animal Sciences, University of Kentucky.

    1994 - 2001; Associate Professor of Animal Sciences, University of Kentucky.

    1987-1994;  Associate Professor of Animal Science, Tidewater Agricultural Experiment Station - Suffolk, VPI&SU.

    1981-1986; Assistant Professor of Animal Science, Tidewater Agricultural Experiment Station - Suffolk, VPI&SU.

    Selected Refereed Journal Articles on Original Research

    Adeola, O., M.J. Azain, S.D. Carter, T.D. Crenshaw, M.J. Estienne, B.J. Kerr, M.D. Lindemann, C.V. Maxwell, P.S. Miller, M.C. Shannon, and E. van Heugten. 2015. A cooperative study on the standardized total-tract digestible phosphorus requirement of twenty-kg pigs J. Anim. Sci. 93:5743-5753.

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    Pettey, L.A., G.L. Cromwell, Y.D. Jang, and M.D. Lindemann. 2015. Estimation of calcium and phosphorus content in growing and finishing pigs: Whole empty body components and relative accretion rates. J. Anim. Sci. 93:158-167. 

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    Ma, Y.L., M.D. Lindemann, G.L. Cromwell, R. B. Cox, G. Rentfrow and J.L. Pierce. 2012. Evaluation of trace mineral source and pre-slaughter deletion of those minerals on performance, carcass characteristics, and pork quality in pigs. J. Anim. Sci. 90:3833-3841. 

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    Liao, S.F., J.S. Monegue, M.D. Lindemann, G.L. Cromwell, and J.C. Matthews. 2011. Dietary supplementation of boron differentially alters expression of borate transporter (NaBCl) mRNA by jejunum and kidney of growing pigs. Biol Trace Elem Res 143:901–912.

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    Selected Conference Proceedings

    Lindemann, M. D., J. S. Monegue, M. B. Davis, J.M. Dunfee, and K.W. Purser. 2011. Effect of including Cel-Can, an enzymatically hydrolyzed yeast product, in sow diets on pig birth weight. Amer. Assoc. of Swine Veterinarians meeting, March 6, 2011. 42nd Annual Meeting Proc. Pp. 193-196.

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    Selected Other Papers and Reports

    Lindemann, M.D., J.S. Monegue, M.B. Davis, J.M. Dunfee, and K.W. Purser. 2011. Effect of including Cel-Can, an enzymatically hydrolyzed yeast product, in sow diets on pig birth weight. Proc.42nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, March 6, 2011. pp. 193-196.

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    Kornegay, E.T. and M.D. Lindemann. 1984. Floor surfaces and flooring materials for swine. Pig News and Information 5 (4):351 357.

    Selected Book Chapters

    Lindemann, M. D. 2007. Use of Chromium as an Animal Feed Supplement. In: The Nutritional Biochemistry of Chromium(III). John B. Vincent (ed). Elsevier Press, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Chapter 5, pp 85-118.

    Lindemann, M. D., and B. G. Kim. 2006. Recent Advances in Sow Reproductive Function. In: Nutritional Approaches to Arresting the Decline in Fertility of Pigs and Poultry. J. A. Taylor-Pickard and L. Nollet (eds.). Wageningen Academic Press, NL. pp. 25-34


    B.S., Animal Science, University of Minnesota, 1977
    Ph.D., Animal Science, University of Minnesota, 1981

    Contact Information

    Dr. Tony Pescatore, Ph.D.
    Interim Department Chair

    900 W.P. Garrigus Building Lexington, KY 40546-0215

    +1 (859) 257-2686