Feedstuffs - Cereal Grans & Processed Cereal Grains  (Corn)

Cracked shelled corn

Cracked Shelled Corn

  • Shelled corn that has been mechanically processed through a hammer mill.
  • Reduces the particle size, increases surface area, and improves energy utilization.
  • Actual particle size of ground corn will depend on screen size and power of the hammer mill.
  • Coarser grinds are preferred for ruminants, and finer grinds are generally preferred for monogastrics.

Average Nutrient Content

  • Ruminant TDN = 90%
  • Monogastric ME = 1550 Kcal/lb
  • Crude Protein = 8.5%
Physical Description - yellow and white color, fine to coarse particle size, and a granular to powdery texture.

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