Feedstuffs - Cereal Grans & Processed Cereal Grains (Oats)

Whole Oats

Whole Oats

  • Widely grown in cool, moist climates of the U.S.
  • Compared to corn, it is lower in energy and higher in protein.
  • Used extensively in horse feeds and feeds for starting young animals.
  • Can be fed whole, but usually processed prior to feeding (rolled, ground, crushed, crimped, steamed, etc.).
  • Bulk density = 32 lbs/bushel

Average Nutrient Content

  • Ruminant TDN = 77%
  • Monogastric ME = 1200 Kcal/lb
  • Crude Protein = 12%
Physical Description - light brown color, long and thin shape, and a slightly rought texture with irregular edges.

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