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Southdown Rams Adrian Austin

I liked the Southdown Rams 3421.

Automatically, I tie to the most masculine, rugged ram in 3. He covers the basic stud buck fundamentals, as the biggest testicled sheep is round ribbed and stout hipped. Where the heavy boned, big footed ram truly holds the advantage though is skeletal integrity. I’d be the most confident in his potential to generate quality, as it’s the high tying, good chested ram’s ability to stay level and collected while loose in the pen that sets him apart. I admit, 4 holds his own in regards to mass and substance- this is the boldest topped, biggest ribbed sheep of the class. Yet, the lighter pigmented ram’s power comes at a sacrifice of look. The plainer made sheep that’s pushing some extra condition is shorter necked and deeper chested, while being rounder out of his hip.

Even so, that added mass and dimension can’t be overlooked when selecting for your flock’s next stud ram. I would expect his stout made, powerful, performance driven offspring to still make an impact. I realize, 2 is the growthy ram that’s extended and long patterned, but honestly; I’m more concerned with quality than quantity, and not only is he the flatter made, lighter muscled sheep, he’s also too straight off both ends.

Yet, in a bottom pair of rams who both have structural issues that concern me from a longevity standpoint, I still side with his added growth and performance. Comparatively speaking, he strikes me as the more practical kind that’s better in his body type. Now sure, 1 has some muscle and shape. However, the ram that’s the barest about his eye channels is also the light dimensioned sheep that’s tight spined and poor balanced.

Thank you