Market Steers Renee Stohlmann

3124 is my alignment of the Market Steers.

In my initial decision of product driven steers I decided to start with the calf who best combines the fundamentals of a market animal. 3 was the higher performing option who should have the best tandem of finish and muscle. He offered more natural width up top and as a bonus he was more correct in his visual indicators of finish, thus I believe that he should have the advantage of tapping into both sides of the grid.

Now I’ll admit that the short switched steer was more uniform about his depth from forerib to flank.

However, he was the short and compact steer that I’d like to see take a longer stride.

Moving onto my intermediate decision between two contrasting types from a terminal standpoint, I sided with the leaner designed option who was truer and more natural in his overall shape. Thus, leading me to believe that he would hang a carcass with a higher red meat yield.

I understand that 2 was heavier structured and bigger footed.

But he was coarser jointed, causing him to be more restricted when pulled to lead, and he is stale about his finish.

Coming down to my final pair of white face steers who both raise red flags from a composition standpoint, I still easily side with 2 as he is more advanced in his finish allowing him to have a better chance at grading choice which also gave him that easier feeding look. He has more overall shape and dimension with more depth to his flank and he stands to the ground with more natural width.

Sure, when viewed from the profile 4 does offer more extension.

But still I keep him in fourth as he is unbalanced being tighter in his forerib, and what is more concerning is he offers the least amount of terminal value.

Thank you

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