The Youth Livestock Programs/Projects Advisory Committee was established in 2009.  This committee provides assistance to Steve Austin (Extension Associate for Youth Livestock Programs) by:

  1. helping in planning and determination of future directions for livestock programs and projects
  2. helping in determining policies and guidelines for livestock programs and projects,
  3. serving as an advisory group for addressing rules violations, and
  4. serving as a conduit for receiving feedback from the county and district level.

The Advisory Committee consists of County Extension Agents and Vocational Agriculture Teachers that are appointed for two-year terms, as well as various program or organization leaders that serve continuous terms.  Below is a listing of the committee members that are presently serving.  Any of the committee members are available for you to contact with ideas, suggestions, or issues of concern related to youth livestock programs and projects.

Continuous Term of Service Advisory Committee Members

Steve Austin, Extension Associate for Youth Livestock Programs

Martha Welch, 4-H Youth Development Extension Specialist
859-257-5961, ext 226

Matt Chaliff, Kentucky FFA Executive Director

Dr. George Heersche, UK Dairy Specialist

Larissa Tucker, Extension Associate for Youth Dairy Programs

Dr. Gregg Rentfrow, UK Meats Specialist

Advisory Team for Extension Associate for Youth Livestock Programs

2017-2018 2 year term

Karen Douglas District 1

Janet Gibson District 2

Ginny Harper District 7

Regina Browning District 3

Gary Druin District 6


2017 1 year term

Christy Eastwood District 3

James Patrick Allen District 4

Deana K. Reed District 5

Matthew Futrell District 7

Shannon Ferrell District 1


Livestock Advisory Team will be called upon, as needed, to provide positive suggestions on how to make changes or deal with concerns from the seven districts.  Extension Associate for Youth Livestock Programs will have the final decision in all matters discussed, with the intent to keep the 4-H members best interest as the focus. 

Members will serve a two year term after 2016 is completed.  Those serving a one year term may reapply when we select the 2018-19 group or next year when we select the 2017-18 group if we do not have enough people interested.  Each district will try to be represented each year.